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Monday to Friday

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By appointment


Observed dates
Office closed

New Years: Jan 1st
Family Day: Feb 19th
Good Friday: March 29th
Victoria Day: May 20th
Canada Day: July 1st
Labour Day: Sept 2nd
Thanksgiving: Oct 14th
Remembrance Day: Nov. 11th
Office Closed: Dec. 24th Noon
Christmas Day: Dec 25th
Boxing Day: Dec 26th*
Office Closed: Dec. 27th
Office Closed: Dec. 31st Noon


Observed dates
Office closed

New Years: Jan 1st
Family Day: Feb 17th
Good Friday: April 18th
Victoria Day: May 19th
Canada Day: July 1st
Saskatchewan Day: Aug 4th
Labour Day: Sept 1st
Thanksgiving: Oct 13th
Remembrance Day: Nov. 13th
Office Closed: Dec. 24th noon
Christmas Day: Dec 25th
Boxing Day: Dec 26th*
Office Closed: Dec. 31st Noon


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